Practical ways to find time to read

Since the official launch of my blog sooo many of my friends messaged me and stated they wish they were readers but they can never find time to actually sit down and enjoy a good book.  Because I love my friends so much, I am dedicating this post to helping them!  As a long time reader I know what works for me when it comes to finding time to read.  I for one download all my books on my phone because you never know when there will be down time during the day. This has been a life saver during long rides in the car, random visits to the car dealerships to get my car checked out, and/or during boring meetings (JK LOL).  But for those of you who just can’t concentrate during the times listed above, here are some practical ways to get some reading in.

During rush hour traffic


KIMMIECUP HATES NASHVILLE TRAFFIC!! It drives me cray cray!  But it is my time to medicate, practice my Beyoncé skills, and CATCH UP ON READING! Yes, ladies and gents, rush hour traffic is actually a very popular time to listen to audiobooks.  Your local library has tons of audiobooks in every genre you can think of.  I know most enjoy listening to music or short podcast, but you should definitely consider catching up on a reader’s top seller list during this time!

Before bed


This is not my favorite way to find time to read because I end up staying up all night trying to read to the next chapter; BUT some people actually enjoy this!  After a nice talk with honey, light a candle and read a chapter or two before getting some much-needed rest (make sure you blow our your candle! ☺️ ).  If anything, like my friend Monique says, the book may just put you to sleep faster hahaha!

While doing cardio

Ok so this is actually when I do most of my reading.  Books are my first hobby, but working out is my second.  Because I enjoy both so much, I actually found a way to combine the two.  I didn’t realize this was so strange until I told someone this and they were convinced they would break their neck!  (READ ON YOUR PHONE!) I only have mastered the art of working out and reading while on the elliptical and Stairmaster lol.  Most think I am not working hard but I actually am AND I tend to stay on longer due to not wanting to stop in the middle of a chapter.  I work out 4-5 days a week with an average of at least 30-45 minutes of cardio each visit.  So as you can see, I can get a lot of reading done during that time along with burning off that cookie I indulged on earlier that day :).

Hope this was of some benefit to you!  Happy reading!



60 thoughts on “Practical ways to find time to read”

  1. Yup, I’m one of those people that go on a spinny bike and read a book! I read it even when I’m walking and so many people, even the ones I don’t know, get really annoyed with me haha!


  2. During the day i can’t find the time to read but every night before i go to bed i try to read at least 15-20 pages. Sometimes even more when the book is really captivating!


  3. That’s so interesting! I try to read more books too, but I don’t think I can read while working out; I need like super motivation so I just watch netflix. But I prefer reading like in my own room in the silence! 😀 Maybe you should write a post recommending some good books!!


    1. Hey! Netflix is another good way to get a workout in! And check out my previous post, It’s the top 3 books to read thus summer!


  4. This is such a cute post. I’ve always been an avid reader but have so busy lately that I barely get any done. Excited to try out some of these options and try to get a little more book time in 🙂


  5. I also stay up so late if I read before bed!
    I’m a runner, and I sometimes listen to audiobooks when I run. But weirdly I feel almost like I’m cheating on the book when I listen. Sometimes I even pause my audiobook before the last few chapters and go find myself a hard copy so I at least finish the book in hard copy form… thats super weird, isn’t it?


    1. I don’t think it’s weird one bit! I can only listen to motivational/learning audiobooks. I have to read any other literature or I feel that it is cheating as well. Lol We all have our “things”. That’s what makes us unique!


    1. I know it can be easy to do! Lol definitely try a more entertaining book or even do it in spurts 🙂 happy reading!


  6. Reading is one of my favorite ways to unwind, but since my daughter was born 8 months ago, I just haven’t found the energy or time to pick up a book. This inspired me to make it a priority. Thank you!


  7. Wow! These are some really great suggestions. I usually read before bed, but lately I’ve been getting to bed late so, I usually fall asleep before I can read a whole chapter. I will definitely attempt to read next time I’m at the gym doing some cardio.

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    1. I’ve told numerous followers that you are the reason I listen to audiobooks! Attempt reading while doing cardio, you won’t be disappointed!


  8. Hi, Kimmie! You have some really good suggestions. I have used one of them, kinda… I limit my Facebook time to when I am on the treadmill. This keeps me honest, because in order to log in, I need to be on the treadmill and racking up beaucoup active minutes. This has driven me to 15,000 steps a day, because I want to get even more time online. I will try to squeeze in a few more minutes by downloading books to my phone and reading at least a few minutes at bedtime.

    Thanks, again.

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    1. Wow! What a great idea with the facebooking on the treadmill! Bravo for intertwining pleasure with exercise! Definitely consider adding a few minutes of reading to that plan and I promise you that you will get through a whole book in no time!


  9. You mentioned audiobooks. I love to read, and I feel like audiobooks are cheating. I can’t explain why, because idek. It’s a similar feeling to how I felt about ebooks when they first came out. I was anti-ebook. Now, I love my ebooks!

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    1. Hahahha! Well I have a thing with audiobooks in which they can only be educational or motivational. I have a hard time doing my leisure reading with them so I totally know what you mean with “cheating”. My coworker listens to ALLLL of her books while she works but there is something about reading a book on my own that I appreciate. Thanks for commenting!


  10. Great tips! I always carry a book with me wherever I go… just in case I can sneak in a few extra minutes of reading time. Also, I like to listen to audio books while working in the kitchen. Washing dishes is a lot more fun when you are listening to a good audio book.


  11. Love this! Seems like reading has become a luxury for me lately, I’ve been so busy. These are great ways for me to fit in time for something I love! Thank you!


    1. Yes! It’s a luxury for most due to life! Def try while you are in car! I am currently listening to Who moved my cheese while going to work! It really helps me get in the mind set of a productive day ahead! Happy reading ❤️


  12. I have heard many people talk about reading while doing cardio!!! I may just need to try this! I enjoy reading too, but many times I try and read right before bed and I usually only make it through 2-3 pages before I am nodding off! ❤️ Thanks for the tips!


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